Monday, October 31, 2011

Believing is Seeing

If seeing is believing, then I believe the reverse is truer: believing is seeing.

Some people take a longer time to make that leap. But the leap of faith is really not all that hard if you let go and let God.

God will give each one the 'measure of faith' to believe in Him. It is hard to believe. We often think people of 'great faith' have faith because they've somehow mustered it up themselves. But that is really not the case! Faith is a gift from God.

However, people mistake that to think they can live as they please until faith calls them. No, it is still a very real CHOICE only you can make. As much as God knows all the possibilities, you still have to make that decision. You still choose.

And why would you wait till the last minute? Why not seek and ask now?

Is believing in Jesus simply about getting eternal life? Is believing in God just about getting blessings and happiness and peace?

It is all these things, and more. I know people who do not believe in God, but still live pretty purposeful lives and they're decent folks themselves. Maybe sometimes even more conscientious than some Christians. But what is it like to not know who you are in Christ? What is it like to not know your true identity, the person you are fully meant to be in Christ Jesus?

I believe in Jesus. I have experienced and still am experiencing His love and grace and truth. But I can't say that I've fully known Christ as much as I would truly like to. I'm still on my journey. That's the exciting thing though. Because then you realize that everything that happens is not haphazard and meaningless and at random. If you truly believe, you would trust in Him, and if you trust in God, you would ABIDE in Him. If you abide in Him, you will have that blessed assurance that no matter what happens, YOU'RE COVERED. Even through the worst that happens, you can continue to live with JOY, not fleeting, temporary, worldly-secured happiness. You can continue to live with thankfulness, even in the toughest moments of seeming death and hopelessness. You're covered.

Most of all, there is something about desiring to know God, and then believing in Him, that satisfies my soul craving. A lot of us have ignored this craving within us. We've temporarily snuffed it out by filling our lives with a lot of temporary, corruptible things that ultimately will not satisfy this soul craving.
Your soul craves truth and unconditional love. None of that exists in any man, any woman, or any idealogy. All of that exists in a Person who claimed to be 'the way, the truth, and the life'.

Jesus is Truth Himself. It is a radical, unthinkable statement for a mere mortal to make. He is either a lunatic, or... the real thing. And not just a mere mortal like you and me.

You see, we don't need religion. We don't need more rules and regulations. We don't need 'good' teachers. We don't need philosophy. We don't need momentary happiness.

What we do need is the Truth our soul craves. We need Someone we can trust. We need this unconditional love we're seeking for in everything we do.

You don't need to think any more about it. The truth is in the Word of God. If you're truly seeking, it's all there. And God is here. He is only waiting for you to call out to Him. And I tell you, if you are genuinely seeking the Truth, He will reveal Himself to you!

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