Monday, April 2, 2012

A Memory Before Time

by Janielle Beh on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at 5:49pm ·

There, the colours of reality were fading into a sort of murky grey. The shapes of her surroundings became indistinguishable. The once meaningful sounds began to fade into a soft, rippling murmur. Was this the end?

Still, she could feel warmth in her bones. Someone was holding her hand. A warm and strong and gentle grip. There, it was her lifeline. But were these the last moments ushering in the end?

Her heart continued to beat. She could feel the stillness of the air. Her body held no weight. The world outside no longer mattered. With a settling peace in her heart, she closed her eyes. Still beating, still alive.

The hand that held hers gave her a soft squeeze, as if to communicate that it would never let go as long as she held on. Now that the pain had subsided, she willed herself to think of one good memory from the past. She wanted to let go with thankfulness in her heart.

A beautiful, rippling sound seeped into her consciousness. It sounded like a waterfall cascading in a myriad of different melodies, converging all at once, and yet affecting an other-worldly harmonious chorus of pure tones. The music began to swirl gently in the soundscape of her mind. Ah, a symphony of the heavens. It must be ushering in the end.

No, wait. No, this is a memory. A real memory. The music continued to play. It was a glorious, soaring melody. Not the despairing, lugubrious requiem of death, but a song heralding the effervescent exuberance of Life.

It took the dying girl a moment to gather that this was actually her very first of all memories. A memory that existed before the beginning of Time. A memory that surpassed the temporal and rendered the notion of minutes, hours and days inconsequential.

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