Saturday, January 6, 2007

Diary Unlocked (for you to read and take a peek!) - 6th of January, 2006 A MUST read!! Read NOW!! =P

Haro' my *wunnerrrfulll* friends!! X)

I shall proceed to write my "so-called [DIARY]" for today... So read on!

8am - 9am ~ I was rudely woken up by my cell phone alarm this morning. I quickly switched it off, and hurried back to bed. 15mins later, i got up and remembered: Oh bummer! =P I'm singing for P & W in YE today! Must get there 10am... SHARP. For practice.

10am - 2pm ~ I arrived church NEARLY in time, though ofcourse that means i didn't arrive 10am SHARP. =) So, we sang and sang and sang. (Yes, i made it... ABRUPT.) When the clock striked 12, i had to abandon the practice to go for the GY NEWSLETTER TEAM'S FIRST "OFFICIAL" PRAYER MEETING. It was great. Though it went "a bit" quiet at first. Then as usual [i meant, OBVIOUSLY], Zlwin came to join us and then the prayer meeting started taking off into a more ENERGETIC STATE. You know, i love talking with Shannon nowadays. She makes the conversation so CHEERY and ofcourse if you're smart enough to "think", more VIBRANT. X) Hahaha...

2pm - 5pm ~ Youth Church started with Adrian talking... and actually, I wasn't there when Adrian was "supposedly" talking. But I knew he was, [whatever lah!] so, anyway... We proceeded to P & W, and after that, when i took my very FIRST STEP out from the frontline... I thought: Oh my, oh my... not my... *n*k*e... AGAIN!!

Could you actually guess what it was? I knew it! I knew it! You people can be quite "DAFFY" sometimes... And do you actually know what DAFFY means? No, i thought not. See, i knew it. *puts on an AMUSED expression*

5pm - 7pm ~ After Benny's preaching, uh, you GUESS what happen AFTER Benny's preaching lah. *grins nonsensically, or rather, stupidly* - MAD GIRL =) Then we had 2 short meetings, and so-on-so-forth, and *yada-ya-da-yada* - Shannon always says that! On the way back, we drove past my old primary school. And then my dad started talking about my primary school days... Soon, the 'talk' moved on to some DAFT MALAY BOY [please, i'm DEFINITELY NOT racist] in my class.

Now here's the scene of me and the 'DAFT boy in my class' at that time:

I sat at my desk, happily occupied with some homework... While the constant childish shouts and voices of 'young children' rang in my ears. =P Then suddenly, OUT OF THE BLUR, the DAFT malay BOY beside me turned to me, [AND GUESS WHAT?] with a horrifying SHARPENER BLADE [BLADE!!!!] between his stooooo-pid thumb and 2nd finger. At first i wasn't bothered a slightest bit... But then, he decided to "TRY" me. All i can recall is that he said something like: "You want to try? [refering to using the blade to CUT ME] See if you can tahan." [I was like what?! You're putting up a DARE huh?!] I ignored his NONSENSICAL DARE, and started with my work again. ALL OF A SUDDEN, I felt a slight tinge of pain like a little shock-wave on my knee. It felt AS IF some sharp, ''thin-as-paper" object just sliced my delicate skin. I stared at the boy immediately, with my lower jaw nearly hung open while my knee started hurting. The 1 inch long wound right across my knee [i forgot whether left/right] looked okay at first, but then it turned slightly red, and then there was A LINE OF BLOOD OOZING through the very narrow wound... And a moment later, the wound turned slightly purplish. Then guess what happened as i was glaring at the DAFT MALAY BOY with my lower jaw hung open? He held the blade as firmly as ever between his 'cursed' fingers and sliced my knee AGAIN!!!!! STOOOOOOOO-PID FELLA!! How dumb can it get, huh? HUH?! X) Chill, chill... Its all over. I was forced to shake his cursed hand in the end to show that we were ''FRIENDS AGAIN''. NOW THAT IS PURELY PREPOSTEROUS!!! NEVER! I don't need such daft people as my friends! Useless, with brains spilling everywhere! - my Dad. Its hillarious thinking back... =)

So till my next story, continue to crave for more!! =P


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