Friday, January 5, 2007

Hello my friends!!

I've created another list... This time, its much much longer, Nana. =) Hehe.
This list is specially for those i got to know from 2005 onwards. The year 2005 was a different year for me, and i'm so glad you appeared in this CHAPTER OF MY LIFE!! YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE. Thank God. ;P

A - Aisha, Amanda Wong, Amanda Soo, Ashley Keng! =), Avelyn, Andrew, Arun, Adrian Yap, Adrian Chew, Alina, Aidee, Alicia, Alex, Alexander, Amelia, Alvan, Andrea, Agnes, Agnees, Alison, Ai Theeng, Abel, Arthur, Alosin, Ai Ling,Adam, Amy, Angeline, Abigail, Abigael, Abel Raj, Andrew R., Aubrey, Anna, Amos, Andy!, Aaron, Ashley Yong, Anusha, Andrew (Han Ern's cousin) Alwin, Andrew Lim, Anne

B - Bawanie Rachel (or Rachel), Bryan Ong, Brian Chow, Benjamin, Bernice, Benny, Brandon

C - Cerdwin!, Chanelle, Chloe, Christina, Christine, Crystal, Cynthia, Carrie, Claudine, Carmen, Choi Ye, Carol, Caroline, Cassandra, Christabelle, Cornelius, Caleb Tan, Caleb, Chelsea, Cheryl, Caryn, Christopher

D - Daniel, Don, David S., David Poh, David Ng, Dexter, Darren, Dawn, Denise, Dorothy, Dilion, Damien, Daryl, Deborah Lee, Deborah, David Swee, Comm. Desmond Lim

F - Fiona, Fong Hei, Felicity

E - Erica, Esther (from Penang), Esther, Eunice, Eugene, Elijah, Emily!!, Eden, Ee Lin, Emmanuel, Elliot!, Eng Kit, Eng Seng, Emerald, Eireen (Gosh, Lilian! I remember your sis! =P)

G - Gabby!!!, Gladys, Grace Wong, Grace Gan, Grace, Gloria, Grace Wong (Sel #6), Geraldine, Gabriel, Gretchen, Germaine, Galvin

H - Hanna!!, Hannah, Hansel, Hosanna, Hyon Le, Han Ern, Hwai Tah, Herman

I - Iris, Irene, Ivan Ang, Ian Lin, Ian Fan, Isaac, Ivan, Ivan Tan

J - JOYCE (Fine, i put it in BIG letters XD), Joanne Chew, Joanne, Jon Kok, Jon Chandra, Jonathan Ngin, Jon Chan, Jon Chew, Jason, Justin Ooi, Jerusha, Josephine, Jolene, Joel, Jeremy Song, Jeremy Teo, Jeremy Ng, Jacqueline, Jacklynn, Jamie, Jared, Jaron, Joshua J., Joshua Lee, Jian Quin, Julian, Jackie, Josie, Joan, Jess Choe, Jassica, Jordan, Jessica Chow, Janelle, Jess Ng, Jess Soo, Jen Lin, Jay Lin, Jenna, James, Joy, Joy J., Justine, Jasmine, Jasper, Joylynn, Joannes, Joling, Joline, Jerusha (USJ), Josh, Jeffrey, Jon Roberts, Justine

K - Kristen!!, Kimberley YAU (=P), Katelyn (Chubby's original - Shan said it right?!), Kastturie, Karene, Kevan Tan, Kevan, Keith, Kevin, Kimberly, Kimberley, Krystal, Kenneth, Kai See, Ker Chi (When am i gonna' see you again?!), Kelly, Kar-Mun, Kimmy, Kim, Karen, Kwang Yew, Kartini

L - Lilian!! a.k.a MAD/WACKY GIRL, Larry, Lenny, Lenice, Li Hui, Laura, Loretta, Lydia, Leanne, Lynette

M - Michelle, Michelle (Weridlyn), Melanie, Melody, Mercy, Marissa, Micheal, Matthew, Mon Lee, Man Keong, Mendee, Michelle Ooi, Miki, Melissa, Melvan, Comm. May Lai (Leng Lui), May Ling, Mandy , Michelle Teh, MAD/WACKY GIRL a.k.a Lil

N - Natalie, Natalie (YAF), Natalie Ong, Nick Shim, Nick Aaron, Naeden, Natasha, Narshini, Nisha, Nicole Wong, Nicole, Naomi, Nick Teh

O - None that i can think of! Shame Shame! No one has a name with the BIG letter O?!

P - Penny, Pei Hsien (When am i gonna' see you?!), Patrina, Petrina, Pearl, Poh Leong, Peter, Penny Wong, Pamela, Pauline, Paulyn

Q - Nopez, no name with the BIG Q. Sighs.

R - Renee Chew!!, Renee, Rosemary, Rachel Tan, Rachel See, Rachel Gan, Rebecca, Rebecca 2, Rou Shinq!!, Rina, Roanne, Raquel, Rosanne, Rowena, Rebecca (GHM), Rhema

S - Sherlyn!, Shirlynn, Sherene Teh, Comm. Sherene Cheong (Lee, actually..), Sarah Lim, Sarah Pang, Sarah, Shannon!, Sherwyn, Shankry, Sean, Shauna (i just LOVE pronouncing your name!), Shareen Sharmala, Su San (There's a gap), Susan, Susan 2, Suzy, Su Ling, Su Mei, Sayfril, Sally-Anne, Salomi, Sue Ann, Su May, Sarah Yong, Soh Chi Erh, Shaun, Sophina, Sophira, Sharina, Sharon, Sharon 2, Suba, Sioe Fei, Sabrina, Sabrina 2, Samantha Chen, Samantha Chan, Samantha Ong, Stephanie, Steffi, Stephanie Ong, Sheryl, Samuel Oh, Samuel, Sheila, Shekinah

T - Tommy, Tommy 2, Theola, Tatiana, Tammy, Tania, Thomas, Taylor

U - U-Mae (the one and only name with the BIG U; i can think of. XD)

V - Vyonne, Veemelia, Verriene, Virginie

W - William, Wendy, Weng Soon, Wei Loong, Wuan Chin, WACKY/MAD GIRL a.k.a Lil

X - Nopez...

Y - Yvonne, Yi Wen, Yee Ling, Yoke Ping!!, You Zhi, Ysabelle

Z - Zoe Ng, Zlwin (squashed between the 2 only Z's), Zoe Lim!! =)

Well, that's the end... There's surely more, though i really can't remember your names even though i'm actually picturing your face right now! Sad. =( Hehe, So that's all for today! I LOVE you people! Though, there are alot among of you who brought along with you a little trace of unhappiness... Jesus Loves YOU!

Isaiah 41:30

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