Friday, February 9, 2007

Howdy, my friends!! =D

I've once again been GROUNDED yesterday. That's why I didn't update. Yeapz. Though its no BIG DEAL. I guess I was rather better off spending my time reading. Seriously...

Today, was officially a PAINTING DAY. (Oh?) Yeah, PAINTING DAY. Haha, my room is like a messy dump now. Due to the painting of the walls, ofcourse. Haha, I'm painting my room some kinda orangey, peachy color. (Yes, I'm painting MY OWN ROOM. Very few people do such things... Or maybe there are alot. I don't quite know.) I haven't decided on the other color yet. And I was painting nearly for the whole afternoon!! About 3-4 hours!! Argh... And guess what?? I've painted only less than half of my little room. Arghs*

Hurrahs* Yipeeez!! I can't wait for TOMORROW!! Can you guess why? No, its not my birthday, neither is it yours... So... It must be, ___________ (Fill out the blank)

I'm currently *blanko* for the day. (Haha, pinko would know. Hey, I'm still blanko today. Aiks.) So that's why I utterly writing a post that has no aim/target/purpose/intent. (Hmm.. Maybe I do have an intent. That is, to BORE you.) Haha, okies then, Cheers for Tomorrow!! Hope to see you in youth church, if you do join youth church. =P

Colossians 1:13-14

God is Good!!
*Blanko* a.k.a Janieeelle

Ooh... This is MAGNIFICENT!! And you know what?? I (ME) took this picture!!! AWESOME!

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