Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Everything that happens now, will serve it's purpose in the future."

Janielle's wise saying... But um, do you think its wise?? =) Ofcourse it is!! (Really, I created my own proverb!!) HAHAHAHA. Well, I'm sure its wise enough... At least I don't think you can come up with something as wise! =P Forgive me, I'm being very evil today. xD Argh, one thing's on my mind now. TIME!!! I need more time!!! Well, its not like I don't have enough time. I have lots of time, actually. But I need more time on weekends!!! Grrr... There's just so many places to go, and so much to do! And I even have an INTERVIEW coming up... *Wahh...* I think you blinked a bit. HAHAHAHA. Yeah right, I'm just makin' a big fuss now. Forgive me!

Reading is good. I taught my dog to read. =) I have no articles to post today. =( *runs off in a haste*
Have a good day!!

Hebrews 13:8

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