Thursday, March 1, 2007

Hallo folks!! =)

Today I went to the dreaded dentist clinic with my dad and sisters. Well, I'm not paranoid of dentists actually. Haha. But you know, its still NOT a very pleasant place to visit. And in the end, I didn't even get MY teeth checked up. So I practically wasted about 3 hours waiting in the clinic. Time is precious, you know! But THANKFULLY, I was very clever enough to bring a BOOK with me. Do you know how much a book can do when you're ''in waiting''?! Oh, I just simply can't imagine how BORED I'd be without that wonderful book! So in a sense, I didn't waste precious time. God is good to have created me to be so wise. =P Mind me. Haha. I was reading LOTR actually. =)

Oh yes, now I remember something I need to tell YOU. =D

About this SATURDAY!! Whoopee!!

You MUST come for this Saturday's YE service. You simply MUST!! I shan't tell you what program there lies ahead of you, but it'd be best if you don't miss anything. =) So come, and try your best to! Youth church starts at 2.00pm SHARP. Do come early, as not to miss out anything. There's surely something, not just anything. Hope to see you soon, my friend!!

Rest in the Lord always, and have a splendid day!!
Exodus 33:14 says: "My Presence will go out with you, and I will give you REST."

Your sweetheart,
Janielle. Aiks! XD (did you think I was joking?)

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