Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hello people!! =D Whoopee!! God is good!! x)

This announcement is to ALL. To YOU, to ME, to EVERYBODY!

You know something?

Yes, something BIG is coming up your way on March 31st... (REAL BIG)

Guess what?

The UTH church in Grace PJ would be organizing a RALLY on: the 31st of March!! That's the LAST SATURDAY of the month by the way...


L.I.F.E RALLY!!!!! Woohoo!! Yup, L.I.F.E stands for: Leadership, Integration, Faithfulness, and Evangelism. The same theme of GY Camp 2006!!

Where's it?

The L.I.F.E RALLY will be held in the Main Santuary of Grace Assembly PJ.

What time?

7.30pm SHARP. Don't be late, Or you'll miss out... ALOT. =)

What's up?

What's UP?! Everything's up! So you better be there! =P There's gonna be 2 GUEST PERFORMANCES. What band? TRANSIT & The ComeBackKings!

Oh yes, and here's the flyer, with everything inside. =) (Gah.. PINK again..)

Okie then, people!! I can't wait for the LIFE RALLY!!! Hurrahs* By the way, UTH has also created a webbie for this RALLY:

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