Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hey hey, my friends!!! Whoopee!! I'm back!! =D Ish, my Streamyx has been down, and I have been fairly busy... So I didn't get to update. But take comfort that I am back! (Yeah, take comfort...) =P

TWO SILLY STORIES: An account of my visit to The Curve (A must read!)


"Anyone wanna' go to the toilet?" My dad/mum asks (I forgot who). I absent mindedly followed my dad. My mind was currently on: (Should I tell you? Ok, I shall.) How should I spend my CNY angpau money? I was thinking and half dream-walking (eh?). A moment later, I heard my dad laughing. I looked up, I looked around, blurr for a second. Then I started laughing. Guess what? I walked straight into the MEN'S TOILET. (Aiks!) I followed my dad. Quite absent-mindedly. Eheh. As I was walking out, unfortunately, a tall guy walked in. He looked down at me; I looked up at him. (I was laughing VERY hard.) He gave me some stupid stare of his, and I dodged away. Still laughing. (I know you can't imagine, so don't.)

THE END (I told you it was a silly story!)

#2 SILLY STORY (This is a rather stupid story, though.)

I was walking. Suddenly, a "Hi." popped out from behind. I turned around. A bunch of daft guys were in sight. A guy clad in a hideous pink shirt (exaggeration) greeted me with a lame: "Hi.". I gave him a quizzical stare and half-smiled. I finally managed to blurt out: "Do I know you?" (In a sarcastic manner, if that's what you call it.) Well, I obviously didn't know the ridiculous fella. He was stumped for a moment. And so I walked away. (Does this sound logical to you? No, I didn't think so.)

THE END (I told you it was a stupid story!)

(I think this is the first time I'm posting a post that's quite nonsensical!)
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