Wednesday, March 14, 2007


My "I-could-have-died" story...

This story dates back nine long long years ago in the life of Janielle Beh.

I was riding on a banana boat with my fellow cousins in Kenyir Dam. (Some place in Malaysia where people go for holidays, and live in the midst of brown-green murky mere, and trees, and waterfalls, and banana boats, and canoes...) My uncle owns some little resort there, so all my cousins and relatives went there for a holiday.

So back to the banana boat. I was having quite a time of my life actually... When one of the riders shouted to the guy who was steering the banana boat: "Go faster!!!" I held my breath as we glided over the brown murky waters and went faster and faster. We were all screaming and yelling and laughing. Back then I was 5, hmm... Quite brave eh? A bunch of kids we were. =)

Then all of a sudden, as the boat steered to a sharp corner, I fell. WE ALL FELL. The horrid ol' banana boat flopped over and turned us down into the deep, dark, brown, muddy and murky water!! Argh, I still feel sick of the trauma. I spluttered and sank into the water, gasping for breath. (Now read the WARNING up there) I was wearing a life-jacket! How could I be DROWNING?!

I felt like crushing the stupid fella who deliberately kept PUSHING and shoving MY HEAD down into the water!!
Grrr... Hello? I needed to BREATHE. I choked and swallowed the nasty brown water. THE FOOL was still pressing down my head. Ish. I can't remember what I was thinking then; I was young. But I'm sure I was crying underwater.

Then finally, after that moment of eternity in the water, the FOOLISH FOOL stopped his FOLLY and I BREATHED. (My uncle rescued us ofcourse, and he was smiling away in the motorboat! For some reason... And I was thinking: Argh, I could have died you know!) I guess they didn't experience the trauma I DID. No one knew. I was only 5! And then Janielle Beh promised herself that she'll never go back to Kenyir Dam EVER again.

But ofcourse, I did. After I got over the traumatic experience. And when I did go back there, it was 7 years later. 7 YEARS LATER!! (Grrrr..) So you've read my "I-could-have-died" story... And the lesson for today is:


Proverbs 13:20 ~ He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the COMPANION OF FOOLS WILL BE DESTROYED.

So till then, don't let fools spoil your day. Flee foolishness, and stick fruitfulness, my friend!
1 Corinthians 15:33
Janielle Beh (I really like this post. Really..)

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