Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hey hey people! =) This post is for Friday, which I didn't get to post because of my faulty Streamyx. Arghs*

You know, sometimes I get so annoyed at my sister's silliness that I laugh and shout at the same time! Haha. Just sometime yesterday, I was washing dishes while my pesky sister (Jirene) was cutting an apple for herself beside me. After dinner, there were some leftover macaroni sauce (carbonara its what you call it, I think). I "accidentally" poured it into the sink where my sister was cutting apples. She gave out a loud gasp and her face went red. Well, I didn't take much notice because she always got into stupid tantrums over little things. I was half day-dreaming about something. But then I found out later that she actually dropped her precious apple into the sink while cutting it! And without realizing, I poured macaroni sauce over it! Hahaha. How dumb. I seriously didn't notice it until my mum ordered me to wash her apples and I was like: For what?!

Later on, when I was all settled in my room ready to snore, Jirene burst in. She came near me and said in a cold, menacing voice, "My apples taste like macaroni sauce, you nut head!" I looked at her quizzically, and then I laughed.

Well, I know you can never imagine how my supposedly "cute" (ya right, so not!) sister can scream and shout at me. (But I do that to her also la..) Haha. Its hilarious! I mean, all the "bad" side of us are usually very well-known only at home right... Haha. Where else with our friends, we're always so nice and wonderful. xD Ain't I right? Oh well, its only natural, isn't it? Haih, but still, we need to be supernatural!!! (eh?)

Hahaha. Well, I'm currently blank to write some more. So in conclusion, I shall tell you, "Beware of me!" Seriously, I can be horribly dangerous sometimes. I've got a terrible case of being too blurr. Though I think you should be more dangerous than me. =P

Have a delightful weekend then! =D
Janielle Beh

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