Sunday, April 15, 2007

Heya Weird & Wonderful Folk!

I FINALLY managed to go online today! Thank God. My Streamyx was faulty again, so that's the reason why I didn't write-in for 4 days! Sighs*

You know, I had such a blow of a day today! Arghs* That means: I didn't have a very awesome day. =(

I got a terrible scolding from my mum, that's why. Rather severe. Not that my mum's terrible (which I thought she was), but its me that HORRIBLE. Well, that makes me think. I'm writing too much "good" stuff on my blog. Do you realize that this is NOT my DIARY? (online diary, perhaps) Haha. But blogs are MEANT to be online journals or something of that sort right? Oh well, I've just never thought of writing that way. It'll be too boring. But my blog's meant for people to read, that's why. Its not a secret blog or something. Haha!

Argh! You know what? I just wanna' say today that:

I've FAILED! I've FAILED!!!!

Seriously, I've failed. This is the first time in my life I REALIZED I've FAILED. Well, I won't tell you what. But we're all such a FAILURE, right? No matter how successful or smart we are, there's at least ONE point in our lives that we've FAILED in. Failed what? Failed ourselves. Failed our parents. Failed our siblings. Failed our studies. Failed etc. etc.

That's why, we really REALLY need JESUS! We need to realize that we've FAILED! There's no other way to mend our broken lives accept through Jesus Christ.

Thank you Lord for NOT FAILING ME!!!!!

Psalm 55:22 ~ Cast your burdens on the Lord, and He shall sustain you. He shall not permit the righteous to be moved.

You know what? I can NEVER say I'm righteous. Neither am I good. No one's good! Only GOD is truly GOOD. But the only thing we can do is to admit that we're wrong (which I haven't been able too. But we all try.) and to ask God to purify us again.

God is good! =D
Janielle Beh

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