Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Poh Leong just sent me this picture. It was taken on Easter Sunday. Before the easter performance. I can't believe it! I must sue him! Hahaha. I didn't even know that he was taking this picsture! Or whoever else who took it, secretly. Yikes! =P

HEYA PEOPLE!!!!! All my "beloved" friends!! Woohoo!! I'm FINALLY BACK! I'M BACK!!!!!

Hooray!! I just got back last Saturday. And its so good to be back! Unfortunately, I'm at my cousin's house now, so I can't post the pictures. I'll post them tomorrow. =) Aaaahh! I can't wait to see YOU! =P Teehee* I took alot of AWESOME snapshots. I'll post as many as possible tomorrow!

God is good! I regret I couldn't write-in for the past two weeks, but thank God I'm back now, and I'll keep writing-in as long as I can! ;)

So till tomorrow, await my beautiful pictures. xD Hahaha.

All the glory to God!
Psalm 105:4 ~ Seek the Lord and His strength, seek His face forevermore!
Janielle Beh

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