Sunday, April 1, 2007

L.I.F.E RALLY!!!!!!!

Hey hey people! Yesterday was indeed a great day! I shall write and post lots of pictures about yesterday yeah. Mainly the pics are about the L.I.F.E RALLY held in Grace PJ and organized by the UTH CHURCH and a little on YE. Enjoy the pictures! By the way, the camera guy was Zlwin Chew, so the picture credits go to him! But the superbly "chun" camera was my dad's la. Hahaha. =)

Me Kelly Gabby Joyce and Justine
Youths from Transit performing

Darren & Joni

Army of 3

Gosh... Look at his hair! Haha, this band was WILD man.. =)

Army of 3 band leader

The drummer

Shirlynn, Lilian, Lynnette, Yoke Pei, Evelyn, Su Mei, and Me!

Four Letter Story

Four Letter Story


The only gal in One-Ted! And the only gal among all the other 3 bands.. Haha.


My dad and Andy, from Altered Frequency

There you go, the PRESIDENT of UTH CHURCH.. xD

Kevin Yeap

Oooh, I likey this pic! =D
The Worshippers

Peter Kong

Arun the drummer (gosh, the drums were... fantastic!!)

Emmanuel the bassist!
Joan here! =D
God's Word is LIFE!


Altar Call
Larry Chew: the guest MC for LIFE RALLY! Projeckt: Freedom in the background.

Eh?(Uh, I think his name's Daniel..) xD

Felicity the keyboardist!
Jonathan Ngin, the worship leader for Projeckt: Freedom!! And Kevin in the background.
Praise & Worship!!

Front line: Abby, Rebecca, Zoe, and Tammy
We're all in this together! Praise God! =D

Darren and Emmanuel
Zlwin and I

Andy Zlwin and my Dad

Justine Me and Zlwin

Justine and I

Zoe and I
Me and Abigail
Jerusha Me and Tania
Saying tata to the Klang youths

My dad and the L.I.F.E RALLY poster!! Gosh, this was a long long picture post! Haha, thanks to Zlwin though. =)

Okie then, people!! Have a great week ahead and God bless ya loads!!
Janielle Beh

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