Sunday, June 17, 2007

Greetings, Weird & Wonderful people! =P

Guess what? Today’s Father’s Day!! I uploaded some pictures of the two presentations by the youths in UTH Church. =) Enjoy!

The Dance Performance coordinated by Sophina and team =D

The Skit of the Prodigal Daughter (as directed by Arun)

Well, I don’t think you’d understand what’s going on in the skit if you just see the little bits and pieces here. Oh well… Too bad if you weren’t there! But I really thank God for helping us; cause’ we did it kinda’ last minute-ly. =P But everything turned out well, and we had such awesome actors! Haha.

The dance was simply… FANTASTIC!! You guys did an awesome job man… All the practice they had! It was all well coordinated and this is to ZOE LIM: You know what my dad said when we were on the way back?

“I think… Among the rest of the other dancers, Zoe’s the one who was most natural. And she was smiling all the time!”

Yes yes, he really said that. =) Haha. Okie then, I wanna’ go SLEEP. Woohoo!!

By the way, Happy Father’s Day to my REAL dad!! (And I can tell you, he’s simply the cleverest and coolest dad in the whole world! You don’t think I’d say that out loud if it weren’t true right?)

Janielle Beh

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