Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hey hey people! =D

Phew, today’s been a pretty long day. Youth Church was simply wonderful! Finally, I got to see dear Shanny after some time. =P

And finally, Joyce is gone from my house! Finally! Freedom! I think, she’ll think the same right now in her own house. Haha, she’s been staying over here since last Saturday. Her parents went for honeymoon, so, she stayed over la! Well, it’s not as if she’s been a pest or anything (you must be thinking…). It’s just, we simply got bored of each other. Haha, I ain’t kidding! So it’s best we keep to meeting each other on the weekends every week. =D Hehe.

Aha, I can’t wait to watch Shrek 3! I’ve got 4 free tickets from McDonald’s because my sisters entered some easy contest. Haha. Many people say it’s not that funny and it’s kinda’ lame. But there’s only one person that said its worth watching and really funny: KRISTEN!! I can’t believe it’s coming from her! XD But oh well, I trust her opinion. We’ll see how it goes then!

Here's the pictures we took with Lassie when we had nothing to do, a few days ago. =)

A portrait snap! Awesome, my dog has the nicest shots I guess.. Haha.

You noticed I like silhouette pictures huh? Yeah, I like it that way. So till then, have a good last Sunday of school hols! =) God bless!!

By the way, wanna' know why Lassie and Joyce's pics look so nice? It's because I took it. Wanna' know why the shots of me look not-so-nice? It's because Joyce took it. =P Nah, I don't mean anything. xD

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