Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lassie! My dear beloved doggie.. =D
Aha! I caught that!

A white butterfly...

Gosh, I really LOVE this snapshot! Its amazing! =P

Beautiful... =)

I spotted a cheeky little lizard!
Ahh... I got to go now. Just managed to post these few pictures. I'm off to Klang for a Praise & Worship Workshop now. =) Wei, the shots are so so good right? Yeah, one day, if I can, I'll learn the art of photography. Haha. I've got my Dad's genes man... =P
Okie then, till the next time, more pictures to come!
John 1:16

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John Beh said...

great shots my dear. And your old man couldn't have done better. So the genes keep getting better and better eh...

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