Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finally! I got to watch TRANSFORMERS!!! =D

Why “finally”?

Cause’ Sam says he has watched it for the third time, and now only I’m getting to watch it!

I managed to catch the movie with my sisters (though I’d rather not. Jirene kept wanting to go to the toilet and the worse part was we were sitting in the middle of the row! Grr…). My parents went to watch Die Hard 4.0 instead.

Anyway, to all you who have seen Transformers and kept telling me it’s such a fantastic movie, I quite agree with you. Cause in the first place, I wasn’t interested to watch it at all! It seemed to have popped out of nowhere and I was not interested partly because I thought it’ll be some dumb robot show. But now, after watching it, it truly caught me by surprise!

The robots were really the REAL type of robots. Haha. The animations in the robots were awesome. And for some reason, I like a particular scene in the beginning of the movie that featured a bad robot - the one that looked like a scorpion. Yeah, I liked that part. =)

Well, I had no regrets watching Transformers. Wish I could watch it again. I was kinda’ confused during the robots-in-battle part. I didn’t know who the bad guy was! xD And once again, I remember a very good maxim in the movie – I shall quote it now. =D

I remember Sam Witwicky saying: “No sacrifice, no victory.”

It’s so simply and short, yet extremely profound (if you will allow me to use such a word) and significant.

In Christian terms, I bet it’s easy for you to understand, too. If Jesus Christ did not sacrifice His life and His precious blood for us, we would be waiting for our ultimate doom now. But in this case, God did send His only Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. And therefore, instead of reaping our ultimate day of doom, we now await the day when Christ will come back victorious, to save all who believe in His name, from this horrid world.

Don’t miss Transformers if you haven’t watched it!

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