Sunday, July 22, 2007

"Noooooooo!!!! Jerusha, don't go so fast!"

Guess what?! I just found out today that Jerusha (the girl in red) is leaving for CANADA next Thursday!! Yeah, and you'll probably be thinking, So what's the big deal? She's on holiday right?

Unfortunately, no, she's not. She'll be going for, like, FOREVER!!! I can't imagine. Boohoo ='( I thought Jerusha would be going only in September... Argh, I still can't accept it. So today is the LAST DAY I'll see her till she comes back again (3 years from now). No wonder, I had a feeling I should bring my camera to church today, but I didn't anyway. Thank goodness, Renee brought hers. So I'll get the shots from her ASAP. =)

~ I'll miss you, Jerusha! Oh well, although I only got to know you for such a short amount of time. Glad to have your company in UTH Church. By the time you're back, I'll be 17. Whoa... Haha. =P Take care and God bless you loads! ~

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