Friday, July 27, 2007

For the first time ever, I'm actually currently having a Writer's Block!! (Or do you guys call it a Blogger's Block?) Argh. So I thought I'll just post some pictures I took some time ago. This time its not just the Sun. It's also the Moon... =)

Psalm 121:6 ~ "The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night."

This is not a sunrise by the way. (I think it looks like sunrise more than sunset. Haha.)

You must be wondering how I took this. It looks as if it'll roast me nice and good before I can take it's picture! =P

This is seriously fiery, blazing, sizzling, RED, HOT!!!

This is the shot I like best. The wispy clouds makes it look "hotter". =P

This was taken on another day. =) Hehe. You know why the bottom part of this picture is so much darker than the top half? Cause those are rain clouds. The sun managed to squirm its way through and shine for awhile. Minutes later, the rain started pouring like cats and dogs.


I love this picture. =) The clouds looked perfect. Haha.
The moon opposite the clouds. Nice one.

You see that tiny black dot? That's a bird. Ok, I think you can barely see it anyway... xD

The moon while the sky is still bright.

Now this looks much better. =)

Crescent moon. I know, it looks kinda "grainy". Not bright enough. =)

I took this moon picture a few weeks back. That's when the moon was FULL.

Guess what planet is this? Haha, nolah, I just managed to get a shot of a star. Though I really don't know what star it is. It seemed to be the only visible star around... Sad. =( Haha.
So that's all for today. Pray the Writer's Block Syndrome goes away by tomorrow. Hehe. =P

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