Sunday, July 15, 2007


Yipee! Oh man, I really thank God I survived it. =D

You know what?

If you were to smell my shirt now, you’ll definitely faint. Seriously. I can tell you, it stinks like chicken. Live and dead chicken. With a strong scent of burned wood and a hint of smokiness from the camp fire. And the last thing that makes it all worser… my SWEAT! Gah, we sweated from the time we arrived Ulu Yam until today when we got back to church. But I’m very glad I didn’t have to take a bath. Its very troublesome, you know!

The part I disliked the most, yet enjoyed the most, was when I had to slaughter the fat little chicken. Building our own shelter with wood and leaves weren’t as “fun”. Half of us forgot how to lash the sticks. Bad, bad… But I, Denissa, Shaina, and Grace managed to finish it up. Though it was so not waterproof. Yikes. xD

Ok, back to the chicken story. Oh, the poor chicken! I was literally SAWING its neck with the blade! You can’t imagine. At one point, I thought, What if I were the chicken?! What a horrible “execution” this would be!! (yeah, I don’t wanna’ think about it again…)

Finally, after “sawing” a few more times, I nearly pulled out its neck! (But it was still half alive…) You can’t imagine unless you were in my shoes. I guess all of us had a different experience of slaughtering the chicken. It’s one experience that I enjoyed even though I had trouble with it. At least I made it through! I was sweating all over and I’m sure my face went pale seeing BIG “accomplishment” I made. Haha. Well, I managed to chop off the horrid head of the chicken with Commander Wei Sern’s penknife. After the gruesome ordeal, the blade was literally covered in blood! Yuck.

Well, I wouldn’t conclude that this Survival Camp was ultimately the “funnest” camp I’ve been to. It wasn’t. But it was my FIRST survival camp, and I’m sure I’ll remember this first time experience as long as I live. Mostly because of the slaying of the chicken… xD The memories of it will haunt me for the rest of my life!! Aaaahh! =P

When the next survival camp comes, I’ll definitely want to go again. =) So till then, I’m going to sleep. NOW.


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