Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jirene's birthday!

We celebrated her birthday in Hotel Nikko yesterday. Nice place. =) I've got some shots here. But you won't see me around. Haha. I was taking most of the photos! I realize that most good photographers don't take pictures of themselves. =P True true...

The superstar for the day! Jirene can become a model someday. But she'll have to grow taller. Muahahaha. =P

I managed to catch this. But I don't know what happened. Haha.

Chocolate dips. There was supposed to be a chocolate fountain! *Mmm...*

Pink flower. And, my mother?

This is not an appropriate pose...

Neither is this an appropriate pose...

I'm not included. Boo-hoo! ='(
I got this idea from Sophira. Haha. ;)

Whoopee! I love chocolate and strawberries! =D *licks my lips* ^^

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