Wednesday, July 11, 2007

July 11 – Today’s such an important day! You must be wondering what’s the occasion. Yeah well, you should remember this for the rest of your life. Ten long years ago, a child was born. She had a fair face and huge bulging eyes (in case you thought it sounded unpleasant… her eyes were beautiful ok!). To be exact, her mouth is actually smaller than her eyes.

July 11, that’s when the trouble began.

But I am now very grateful that the trouble actually began. If the trouble did not begin, I would not turn out to become what I am now. So what exactly am I now?

I’m a screaming sister who screams at her annoying sisters whenever they annoy me. But to put it in a better way, I actually do enjoy their company. So we scream at each other all day long. That’s what I call company. Ha ha.

But sometimes they make me laugh. They make me do somersaults. They make me shout. They make me get a lecture from my parents. They get me into unwanted trouble. They make me wash their dishes (that’s if I’m in a goody-girl mood, which is rather rare…).

Phew! I’m sure you’re still wondering what’s all this about.

Okay okay, it’s Jirene Beh’s birthday. July 11, what an important date! If Jirene weren’t born, I think I and Janna would end up hammering each other all day long. Jirene’s always the peacemaker. But she’s also the troublemaker. You really don’t wanna’ know!

You must be waiting for me to say Happy Birthday now. Aiya, no need la… She won’t read my blog also what! =P

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