Tuesday, July 10, 2007

“Cut the EMO-ness, man!”

I think being emo has to do with being moody as well. There are all types of emotions. But when you hear the word “emo”, you hear the word “moody” as well, right? At least that’s what I think…

I’ll tell you a story. =)

Once upon a time, there were 3 pretty girls who were best friends. The first girl was a Miss Talk-A LOT and a big time laugher. The second girl was a noisy and hyper freak. (Beware of such girls!) And last of all, there was the third girl. She was the quieter one and more of a listener.

One day, all 3 of them went to church. As usual, the first & second girl were talking and laughing. But today, the third girl was having a bad headache and she was kinda moody. Her two friends tried to cheer her up, but to no avail.

The moody girl was terribly irritated with her friends. She kept thinking the whole world was trying to irritate her. Her two friends were the victims actually. They had to put up with this moody and (at that time) “emo” friend. In the end, they left her alone. And the moody girl had no more good friends for the rest of her life.

Yikes! That was a bad story. But it’s a half-true story! Can you guess who the girls were? I’ll let you guess who the noisy girl’s are. But I’ll tell you who’s the moody girl.

Me! (Say what?!) Yes, ME. =D

Now thinking back, I’m so terribly ashamed of myself. But take note, the last part of the story isn’t true ok? They’re still my BESTEST friends! I promise I’ll never behave like this anymore if I can help it. I’m not saying being “emo” is bad. Its natural la!

But please, if you’re EMO or MOODY… I suggest you go home and lock yourself in your room until you come to your rightful senses!

HAHAHA. Seriously. I mean it. I know a lot of emotional freaks who have a bad case of PMS.

My DAD’S version: PMS – Pretty Meaningless Stress. Hahaha. =P

My MUM’S version: Ei, but people can say its Pretty MeaningFUL Stress also what!

Hahaha. Let’s laugh and be merry now! =D But remember Janielle’s wise counsel:

If you’re having a bad case of emo-ness…

Lock yourself in your room and DON’T COME OUT until you come to your senses.

“Don’t give others a bad day just because you’re having one.” – Janielle Beh

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