Thursday, August 16, 2007

“Always too slow, but still never too late…”

I was in the garden watering my mom’s plants this morning (my everyday CHORE) when something flew passed me. I quickly examined ground to see if the “something” was there. At first, I didn’t notice the “it” because it resembled a green leaf. But then magically, my eyes were opened and I saw that the “something-that-flew-by” was in actual fact, a GRASSHOPPER! I dropped the water hose, and guess what was my first thought?

Goodness me, a grasshopper! Now where’s that camera of mine?! I must have it; NOW!

Yeah, that’s the very first thing I thought. =) OK, you’d bet that was a bit silly of me. How in the world can someone take a “decent” photograph of a grasshopper?! Then my next ingenious thought came.

No, not a camera, I need a container to catch this green thingy!

But obviously, by the time I managed to get a proper transparent container, the clever grasshopper had already hopped far far away out of my feeble clutches. And the next thing I said was:

“Oh, darn it! I could’ve snapped a grasshopper if only I was quick enough. I missed my chance!”

Always too slow, but still, never too late la… =D Grasshopper pictures must be quite rare. It’s really so hard to get the chance to take one! This time, I was too slow to react. But still, it’s never too late. You know, after my first unsuccessful attempt, I actually prayed that I’ll have the chance to see a grasshopper again and take a picture of it! Hahaha. Yeah, well, photographers never ever want to miss a good shot. Remember this post, cause’ one day I’m going to post a picture of the “green thingy”. =P

Sometimes, we miss our “chance of a lifetime”. Often, we’re either too slow to react, or too ignorant to bother. But really, if you’d pay more attention and be prepared for that “something-that-passed-by”, you would have less chances of missing “a chance of a lifetime”. Therefore remember:

Once it’s passed by, it’s gone. Be prepared, or else…

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