Friday, August 17, 2007

I simply cannot tolerate Maths! Today I had a tough day trying to figure out this dreaded subject again. Argh. Sometimes I wonder why are there still people who want to work as accountants. Have to count money for people. It’s such a “no-life” job! When my dad first told me what an accountant’s job is, I was shocked. I still remember what I said:

“What?! Got people want to become accountant ar? How can?!”

But of course, if God didn’t create people with brains that can tolerate counting and calculating all day, the world would be doomed. And really, the world wouldn’t be too nice if there were too many Janielle(s). But then again, I’d rather say: The world would be DOOMED if there were too many of YOU. =P Hahaha, forgive me. xD

Ok ok, enough of Maths and my criticisms of it.

Whoopee! I can’t wait for tomorrow. =) I’ll be going for a treasure hunt. Oh no, not some kiddy treasure hunt, if you were thinking. Treasure Quest 2007 is organized by the Selangor #7 Royal Rangers. This is BIG. There’ll be 12 groups of seven people each competing for the PRIZE. We’ll be going from one place to another (shopping malls) to search for clues and all. And we’ll be traveling by LRT! Oh my, I really can’t wait. It’s gonna’ be a blast! =D

And by the way, the prizes are fantastic + fabulous = FANTABULOUS! The first prize is 1,000 bucks with all sorts of vouchers and stuff. And even if you get second and third place, the prizes are still very good. But even if you don’t win any placing, there are still prizes. Haha. Yeah, no wonder I can’t wait. =P

Okie then, I got to run. I’m going to Emmanuel’s cell again tonight. The pictures will be coming up as soon as possible! ;) Have a fantabulous weekend!

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