Sunday, August 19, 2007

Treasure Quest 2007

Goodness me, you wouldn’t believe how tough it was! For those of you who went for the Valley Mayhem thingy in May, I tell you, Treasure Quest felt ten times harder! Seriously. And so, before anything else, I must first introduce my team members. There were seven of us in the team.

Team Name: Jesus Infinite

Team leader: Zechary Chin

The so-called “brains” in our team: Steven Chew

Brains #2: Janielle Beh

The small farts:

Richard, the funny guy
Esther, Commander Terence’s sister
Chloe, the girl who got lost for awhile
And Danny, the quiet tag-along guy

Honestly, the four kiddies were quite annoying and a bit of a nuisance. But still, I salute them for tagging along with us - the bigger kids - throughout the whole 5 hour hunt. The poor fellas!

All twelve groups were flagged off at the Taman Aman Park at about 7.30 am. We had four stops to go. And at each stop we had more than 10 clues and riddles to solve! Taman Aman was our first stop, so that’s where we started solving our first set of clues. At each riddle, Zech went: “I have no idea what’s this.” And I went: “This doesn’t even make sense at all!” Well, we were totally CLUELESS at first, but soon we got the hang of it la.

Second stop: Amcorp Mall. We had to take the LRT. Man, Amcorp Mall was the hardest of all. Maybe it wasn’t THAT hard, but we just couldn’t think “out of the box” – that’s what the commanders kept telling us. Until now, I still don’t get it! xD We wasted so much time there. So we didn’t have enough time to solve all the clues in our next stops. That was our first BIG mistake. Bad time management. =P

Third stop: KL Sentral (the WRONG stop). Here came our second big mistake. Zech didn’t read the instructions properly, and at the KL Sentral stop, he walked straight out of the LRT, and we all followed him. Seconds later only did we realize we DIDN’T have to get down. The LRT would take us straight to KLCC! So we were delayed for about 10-15 minutes. And remember: Time is PRECIOUS.

Third stop: KLCC (the RIGHT stop). Man, I tell you, the clues we were given were nuts. =P Most of what we guessed were wrong. And again, I just couldn’t think OUT OF THE BOX! Grrr… By then, our team was really quite far behind. There was a part that required us to take a picture with a Caucasian couple. That one was kinda’ funny, cause no one dared to ask a Caucasian couple to take a picture with us. Haha. So finally Zech had to go. We had to pose a specific pose. Thank goodness the couple was a good sport!

Fourth stop: KL Sentral. This was our worst stop. We solved nearly none of the clues. And we were really short of time. Then we had to ride the Monorail to go to our next stop. I tell you, it was the silliest ride ever! It was so packed. We had to squeeze our way through. When we went in, I saw a corner that was empty. So we stood there. Moments later only did we realize that the empty spot was the place where two parts of a monorail were connected. So when it went through a turn/bend, we all stumbled and collided into each another. All of us were laughing and squashing each other. Yeah, no wonder it was empty!

Final stop: Berjaya Timesquare. We had only 5 minutes to solve our final clues! We were VERY LATE. I HATE the elevator! It took us ages to reach the 14th floor - our final checkpoint. And guess what, Jesus Infinite was the LAST group to hand in all the solved clues! I felt kinda’ helpless. Zech looked obviously stressed out. Hahah.

But in the end, we won 5th place! I couldn’t believe it. Surf’s Up (Renee Koo’s team) won the grand prize! And the funniest thing was, the team leaders of all the three top winners were: Renee, Dianne, and Shawna. Funny? Yeah, they were all girls. =)

I’ll post the nice pictures that the paparazzi – Cmdr Wei Sern and Cmdr Sunny – took during the hunt. That’ll be once they post it up in the website. It was a good experience. I still enjoyed it even though I didn’t really enjoy it. But its good, I got to know the people in my team. =) So tata for now. Have a good week!

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