Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Surprise Farewell Party!

Yesterday I attended the surprise farewell party for Cmdr Deanna and Cmdr Sue Ann. Nearly all the Adventure Ranger girls were there. We had the simple farewell dinner in the park beside the tennis court! It was loads of fun, I tell you. And as usual, most of the fun included snapping loads of pictures (including EMO ones…) in the park. =)

When I was going home yesterday, a very cool idea came to my mind. This morning, I sms-ed all the Adventure girls and told them to say something “nice” about these 3 special people: Cmdr Deanna, Cmdr Sue Ann, and dear Denissa. I told them that I’ll post it up in my blog together with the pictures we took. So here’s what they have to say!

“Cmdr Deanna and Cmdr Sue Ann are wonderful and beautiful commanders. They helped us achieve our merits. And they are so lovable!” – Deborah Ting

“Cmdr Deanna is a great outpost Cmdr. She has a strong personality and she disciplines us well. Cmdr Sue Ann is a caring Cmdr. She understands us, and she ROCKS! Denissa: She is fun, creative, exciting, and most of all she is a great friend to be with!! (I love her "lala" poses) – Grace Kam

Denissa: Awesomedelicioushawtsexygorgeouswonerfull.
Cmdr Deanna: Motherly, caring, spontaneous, semangat, and sporting!
Cmdr Sue Ann: Sweet, loving, happy, and fun! –

Deni is helpful all the time. She has a really LOUD voice and she’s a really good friend. Cmdr Sue Ann is a great commander. She has a wonderful smile, and she’s so sweet! Cmdr Deanna is always full of spirit and she’s a great singer. And of course, she’s altogether a beautiful, fit, loving, and caring commander. I’m gonna miss them a… lot! – Anusha

Deni: Miss Hyper that’ll rock your life! Awesome poser who’ll break your camera lens! Superealisticaringenerouspecialoving best friend. Cmdr Sue Ann: Gentle but sporting. Cmdr Deanna: A caring mum to all of the adventure girls. She treats us ALL equally and just like her own. – Shaina

Cmdr Sue Ann is sweet and caring. She’s a really understanding and wonderful commander to have. Gonna miss her so much! Cmdr Deanna is forever youthful and vibrant, and always young at heart. Deni is a great friend and she’s really fun to be with! Those in Abu Dhabi will be so blessed to have her. =) –

Cmdr Deanna: She’s a great commander. She helped me to achieve great height that I never thought I could achieve. Cmdr Sue Ann: I’m really glad to have met her. Wishing her all the best in her studies in UK. Gonna miss her lots! (Same goes with the Malaysian food):D Deni: One of my best and closest friends. She was always there for me. We’ve shared many unforgettable experiences together. I’m really gonna miss her! :’( Sob sob…* - Abigail C.

Now this is what I have to say:

Denissa is seriously very “wacky” at times! I’ve seen her do her famous “lala” poses. But really, she’s not one. =P Even though I’ve only known her for a very short time, I can see that she’s truly a blessing to all of her friends and those around her. I’ll look forward to seeing you again. Take care and stand out to make a difference in the unknown land of Abu Dhabi! xD

Cmdr Deanna is sometimes a really strict commander. =) But I respect her for being strict enough to discipline us when we get “naughty”. Thank you for taking time to be our outpost commander! Thank you for all the time and sacrifice you had to make. I’m glad that I got the chance to be your Adventure girl! =D

Cmdr Sue Ann is the sweetest commander I know! She’s a soft spoken and gentle person. I’ve only got to know her for these 3 short months. But I’ve really enjoyed her company as a friend. =) I’ll pray you’ll do really well in your studies in UK and come back quickly next year! ;)

Not all of them replied me. So, yeah. That’s about it. =) Only those who replied get to have their say! Now, for the pictures!!!

Fixing up the banners.

Adrianne, our hero. xD

For Cmdr Sue Ann: We'll miss you loads!
For Cmdr Deanna: We love you!

Me, Cmdr Esther and Rosanne, Debbie, Adrianne, Janice, Anusha, Amanda, and Grace.

Saying grace before the FOOD. Makan time!

The cutie pie. =P

Feels picnic-y to me. =)
I love this shot. Entitled: Dusk Over Houses.

Miss Smelly Socks a.k.a Tingkerbelle a.k.a Deborah Ting =P

The box was on fire for awhile.

The 3 special people. =D (Awww....)

The one-of-a-kind cake. We loved it. =)

Look at Cmdr Deanna!!! I can't believe it. =P
The Real Monkey. =P (Ei, the fence was high ok...)

Cmdr Esther and Benjamin

Fuiyoh, EMO-ness... (points at Denissa) ;)

I love this shot! (Us being crazy beings... =P)

Cmdr Rosanne sharing devotion.

Adrianne, Janice, and Grace

Giving their farewell "speeches".

Cmdr Sue Ann's farewell gift: Converse shoes!

Cmdr Esther talking. =P
Cmdr Esther and Rosanne

Deni took this shot.

Adrianne being her. Haha.

Denissa and I
Janice and Cmdr Sue Ann

To Cmdr Sue Ann, Esther, and Rosanne:

I didn’t dare to post the pictures we took at the end of the party when everyone was gone. Yes, I didn’t dare. I think the pictures were considered “obscene”. You can pass me the thumb drive this Sunday. =) AHAHAHA.

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