Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Emma’s Cell

The following shots are the ones I took at Emmanuel’s cell last Friday. I didn’t have time to post it earlier. =)

Credits to Zoe. I like this shot. =)

Emma. Our cell leader. AND also, the biggest Sakai of all. =p

Sam and Andrew Paul.

Man, what's Kedrick doing? (Look at Sam's face...) Hahahaha.

I forgot what Jon Robs was talking about.

Josh reading his Bible.
Emma looks so serious.
Kimberly and Chee Hong
Credits to Zoe. Here's what I said when I saw this picture (to Zoe): "Hey how'd you take this pic? You make them look so "together"!" Hahahah. Zoe replied: "Yeah, so when you post it up, this'll be the caption: Chee Hong, caught red handed!" AHAHAHA.

Nicknames: Emma and Sam.

Grace looks normal, Zoe looks... "the usual". =P Ahahahah.

Grace and I
Me, Kimberly, the covered-faced Zoe, and Josh. (Ish, why does he keep doing that?)

Tonight, Emma’s cell is having War Games. Man, its gonna be so much fun. BUT, I’M NOT GOING!!! Can you believe it? Oh well. Unfortunately. =’( You know what? I’m looking out the window now, and it looks like its gonna be pouring cats and dogs tonight. Oh well, pray you guys have fair weather for the Games! But then again, wouldn’t it be “funner” to play in the rain?! (Yeah, and I’m missing it.)

Mum’s Birthday

We celebrated last Saturday. I didn’t manage to post the pictures earlier. =) So here goes.

No, I wasn't posing for this picture. =P (But I like the car window in this shot.)

Sweet Temptations... Yum yum!

Blue cheese. I HATE it!!! It stinks like maggots. Yes, people eat expensive rotten food nowadays. (If you get what I mean...)


Yeah, I've been posting a lot of pictures these days. Hahah. =) Pictures are GOOD... =D Whoopee!! I'm gonna' watch the RAT Movie tonight, I think. ;) (Ya ya, someone please tell me how do I spell the title of that Rat-something-something movie...) Ahahaha. Well, tata for now.
- Oh no, its gonna rain. -

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