Thursday, August 23, 2007

The RAT Movie

Yeah, I still call it the Rat movie. Haha. =P Okay okay, but now I know how to spell it already! It’s Ratatouille. =D Yeap, yesterday I finally got to watch Ratatouille. Hey, I’m actually quite impressed you know. I literally enjoyed myself! No, it’s not some kiddy movie, really. You MUST watch it.

The punch line of the story is summed up by Gusteau - the most famous chef in France (in the movie, of course). The punch line is:

“Anyone, can cook.”

It’s only a short line, but it means much in the movie. Ratatouille is about this insane rat who dreams to be a chef. I bet you already know that, but like my dad said: “The movie makes it so believable!” Yup, the movie really makes the idea of “a rat becoming a chef” so believable! And its seriously hilarious I tell you. Haha. And again, the punch line comes in… Anyone can cook! No wonder they chose the most absurd idea: that a RAT, can cook. (Better than a human, some more.)

Yes, anyone can do it. But is it as simple as it sounds? Imagine a rat! It’s literally impossible, and really quite ludicrous. But THAT’S exactly the point! If it were all so easy, we’d all be sitting around nibbling on chocolates all day long already. (But for a rat, it’s nibbling on garbage…) Its really depends on how determined we are to do something. Our determination determines how determined our future will be. (My goodness, I’m really getting very good at creating quotes!) ;)

Apropos, the French word – ratatouille - doesn’t have anything to do with the word rat, okay.

By the way, “apropos” actually means: by the way. AHAHAHA. Forgive me, I was checking the thesaurus for a synonym for “by the way”, and I thought “apropos” would be a funny word to use.

(Sorry, I’m quite nuts.)

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