Friday, August 24, 2007

Picture of the Day!

Survival Camp – Slaughtering the Chicken

I finally managed to get hold of this award winning picture. Seriously, it’s such a nice picture isn’t it? But unfortunately, there’s something extremely WRONG about it!

What is wrong? You ask.

Why, if you looked closely enough, you would realize that the pretty girl in the picture is SMILING while slaughtering an un-slaughterable chicken! Mind me, my English was a bit out of place there. But really, why in the world was I smiling?! I look so happy don’t I? But that is seriously a serious ERROR. I was nearly close to tears and I wanted to give up already. The half-alive chicken didn’t want to give up, though. But magnificently, I actually managed to smile and make everything look good! Haha. Yeah right.

Study the picture closely. Do you see the chicken head? Is it gross enough? (Nolah, I don’t find it gross enough.) Unfortunately… Haha, but still, I really, really like this picture! Thank goodness my commander managed to snap it. Wonderful, simply wonderful. I can’t wait for the next time to slaughter another chicken. This time, if anyone takes a picture of me, I’ll make sure I screw up my face to exaggerate the REAL thing. (Not the fake thing. That is, the smiling part. Yeah, that was so fake, man…)

Group picture of all the survivers. AND, the merciless commanders. =)

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