Monday, August 27, 2007

Hello… =) Guess what? I forgot what I wanted to post.

Whoopee! I’ve finally found a nice book to read. (I’ve been running out of books to read these few days.) =D For the past few weeks I’ve been surviving on Reader’s Digest magazines. It’s not bad, you know. Yay! I managed to borrow the whole complete set of the Chronicles of Narnia from Zech. Today I didn’t get to read it. I had some stuff to do. (That’s the reason why I suddenly forgot what I wanted to post today.)

Aha, I just read in my Cbox that Esther has tagged me. =D (I feel awkward just calling her “Esther”. Ok ok, so to me, she’s my dear Commander Esther. Ahaha)

So here goes:

The 8 good and bad facts about Janielle Beh:

1st good fact: I am home-schooled. (Okay, is this considered obvious?) Anyway, just today Hosanna asked me how I manage to study AT HOME everyday. I know, it sounds boring doesn’t it? Well, that’s because you just don’t see the right “perspective” of home schooling! Ha.

2nd good fact: I go to church. (That’s good right.)

3rd good fact: I like to read. No, sorry, I don’t like to read. Yes! I’d hate to like to read. But I’d love to LOVE to read! Yes, I really enjoy reading better than anyone else. =P

4th good fact: I want to write a book. But, I haven’t got any inspiration yet. Argh.

1st bad fact: I like to eat. I hate rice, though. I love to eat western and Italian and Japanese and – OK OK, I practically like all yummy food. But still, I don’t look fat do I? AND, I hardly exercise. (This is a good fact. But the bad fact is: I don’t exercise enough. It’s partly because I spend too much time sitting in a comfy chair doing reading.)

2nd bad fact: I forget people’s names easily. (I am so forgetful and careless that you wouldn’t believe it if I were to tell you my “sad stories”.) =P

3rd bad fact: I’ve dropped my handphone on the road 3 times. The first time, it fell behind my dad’s HUGE four-wheel drive tire. And I didn’t realize I dropped it until 30 minutes later. The second time: when I got out of the car, forgetting that I had placed my phone on my lap, it fell on the road. I found it lying forlornly on the road 10 minutes after I dropped it. AND, a car just zoomed by. The third time… Ok, I think you are gonna’ have a heart attack soon. I’ll continue with the last fact. =P

4th bad fact: I never use my CD player. It’s rotting already. I seldom listen to music. Except for the piano music that I hear when I practice my piano. (Tragic?)

Well, you just got to see things in my “perspective”, really.

The 3 people I’ll tag:

(Oh man, I can’t think of who to tag weih.) I’ll tell you next time. =P I’m going to sleep. My eyes are popping out of its sockets already. Ta.


Chris Tan said...
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Chris Tan said...

Chronicles of Narnia? It was quite an interesting read, except "The Horse and His Boy", which isn't that canon to the plotline. The last book was quite nice though, a creative paraphrase of Revelations (another good book to read).

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