Saturday, August 11, 2007

Heyo peeps!!
Man, finally I get to blog! I was grounded once again for the past few days. Guess what? This time, I didn't burn the soup, I burned the porridge. I'm serious. Oh God, what's WRONG with me?!! >.<
Today was a long day, really. I had to follow my dad early to church because he had to go for a conference. Then at 1pm we rushed down to Klang for YE, and my dad doubled back to PJ. He just picked me and Gabby up from YE just now. (Yes! Gabby's overniting my house! Finally, I get to talk to her. =D) And right now, I'll be shooting off for a barbeque dinner at my aunt's place. Haha.
Tomorrow, I won't be blogging again. Will be out the whole day. Argh. I'll be dead tired! And yes, I forgot to mention, I went for Emmanuel's cell group yesterday! Haha, I tell you, the cell consists of a bunch of jokers la. xD Sam, you agree with me? =P But I think I didn't get enough of you guys. Must join again next week. ;)
Okie then, I've got to shoot off now. Hmm, its been a long time since I've posted such a post. Haha.
Have a g'day! Cheers. :)

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