Saturday, September 1, 2007

Breaking Free

“What’s with the title?” you ask. Ahaha. It just came to me when I was typing this post. And so, you shall find out why it’s entitled “Breaking Free.” (It will be a bit “awkward” when I start this post.)

Do you agree with me that kids, imitate, their parents?

Well, I’m sure such a thought has come across your mind before: Next time when I grow up, I’ll never become what my mother is today. She’s such a nagpot! (I think I just invented a new word. OK, I suppose “nagpot” means: a person who nags a lot.) AHAHA. =P But of course, without our dear mothers nagging at us frivolous youths, we’d be arriving our doom’s day already. Really! If God didn’t send us mothers to nag us and remind us to do all that “bothersome stuff”, we’d be waking up late and staying up all night on the Internet playing stupid online games and forgetting to eat our dinners. xD

But still, we’re still the worst rascals ever, sometimes. EVEN with our mothers nagging at us! My goodness. And remember, I’m also referring to Janielle Beh. Though she might be more decent than some of you. =P AHAHAHAH!

The first few paragraphs were just a “starter” to get you going with what I’m “hitting at” in this post. Over weeks and months and years you are slowly imitating the people you frequently hang out with. Oh my, that makes you wonder, for homeschoolers like ME… WHO exactly do I frequently “hang out” with? Muffins and maggots, I think I’m really quite doomed now! AHAHAHA. But yes, it’s quite true. Who do YOU often hang out with? Are they good company? Perhaps, they are causing you a lot of trouble and discomfort…

Now here’s when the verse comes in:

“Beloved, do not imitate what is evil, but what is good. He who does good is of God, but he who does evil has not seen God.” – 3 John, verse 11

Do you know how you imitate someone? The definition of imitate is: to try to be like, or to pretend to be someone else. Hmm, does that ring a bell? Often, we tend to “try to be” like someone else. And very often, we try to be like the WRONG person. And that is a serious offence, I warn you. You’re not only copying God’s COPYRIGHTED handiwork, you’re also not striving to be who God has intended you to be! But really, many times we can be a real nutcase when we try to imitate someone just because he/she is seemingly in a “higher status”. That may be true, but the point is, God created you FOR A PURPOSE (to be here on earth sitting in front of the computer and reading this lovely post). =P And your DUTY is to fulfill that purpose and score rewards in heaven.

It’s no use chasing after someone else’s destiny when it’s not meant for you. (Aha! Another quote! Yay! I’m getting good at this weih.) xD

My parents always tell me and my sisters: Don’t pick up our bad habits; but follow our good habits. We must learn to leave the bad stuff ALONE. For many of us, we’ve already picked up a lot of the bad habits. So like my dad often reminds me: we must learn to BREAK FREE from all that rubbish. Really, we must. Or else, when we grow up, we’ll become worser than our parents. Oh my. Please, dear friend, you don’t want to end up a walking disaster in the future. ;) Teehee.

Those who do good are of God. But those who do evil have not SEEN God. Now why didn’t the Bible say, those who do evil are of the devil? Well, it’s simple. A lot of villains in this world today haven’t SEEN God. In other words, they have not received Jesus Christ because they haven’t encountered God’s grace. But why haven’t they? That’s because they can’t SEE God in the right “perspective”! But WHY can’t they see it?! Well it’s because they’re spiritually BLIND!

But why are they blinded in the first place? That’s because their vision is too clouded by the carnal things of this world, and their hearts are too hardened by their past evils and history. That’s why we’ve got to BREAK FREE from all these evil and wickedness and nonsense!

1 Peter 2:1-2 says, “Putting aside all malice, all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and all evil speaking, as newborn babies, desire the pure milk of the Word that you may grow in God.”

Hey buddy, you gotta break free from all these trash in order to sing your freedom song. Keep that in mind. =) And not to forget, you gotta start getting desperate for God’s Word. Oh c’mon, don’t just stare at the computer like that! LOL.

- Whoopee doo! I’m glad I posted this. -

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