Friday, September 28, 2007

I Pulled the Moon Down

These are the moon pictures I wanted to post in the previous post. The sky was cloudless that night, and the moon was bright and clear. A perfect night to take moon pictures. I even managed to zoom in and take the moon upclose! You can even see the "surface" of the moon. But I had to hold my breath at every shot cause' otherwise my hand will shake and the picture will turn out blurry. Thank goodness, I'm quite good at holding me breath, so yeah, here are the best moon shots I took in ages. =P
Beautiful and bright.

One miserable teeny weeny star. Gah, our skies here are soooo DEPRIVED of stars, I tell you! :(

Hold my breath. And snap!

The moon turned red?


I like the "smudgy" effect. But I didn't smudge it, OK? =D

Till the next post, cheers! And have a fun weekend.

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