Friday, September 28, 2007

The Mooncake Festival (22/09/07)

A “candlelight party” was held in conjunction with the Mooncake Festival last Saturday. Haha, now only I get to post the pictures. We had dinner at the park behind my Aunt May’s backyard. I took some really cool shots when we were playing with candles and “fire sticks” (I don’t know what you call those sparkly things…). The party included my mum’s side of the family. I love the “sparkly” pictures. It’s a wonder. I used the slower camera shutter speed to take it. It’s my first time trying out these kinda shots. I love it. =D


Pointing at the moon. I know, it looks so awfully tiny, doesn't it?

Jon wants to set the tree on fire!

The last artpiece. Bubbles Stuck Together. Created by the "Younger Ones".

Unfortunately, I didn’t take moon pictures that night. I was too engrossed in taking the “sparkly” pictures la… Yesterday Cmdr. Esther smsed me and told me to go check out the moon because it was absolutely “gorgeous”. She said she tried to take a few shots with her camera, but the zoom wasn’t good enough, I think. But I managed to take some really clear shots with my camera cause’ the zoom is pretty good. I could even see the surface of the moon! If I had a better optical zoom, the pictures would have been splendid, I tell you!

But unfortunately, there are some “complications”. So I can’t transfer the moon pics from the camera to the computer. Argh! Oh well, I’ll post it as soon as I can. =)

God blesscha. ;)

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