Thursday, September 27, 2007

Free Hugs for All

Read the title. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

OK, maybe you don’t even understand the short phrase. To cure your “blurness”, I suggest you read this post from Justine Tee’s blog, before you continue with my post.

Ahahahaha, it’s such a hilarious idea isn’t it? When I read Justine’s post, I was laughing my head off. I couldn’t bring myself to believe that even Malaysians would do such a thing! I guess Justine and her gang of friends was pretty daring to walk around holding a cardboard sign with the big words: FREE HUGS. Yes, they were offering “free hugs” to any stranger who willingly wanted a hug. It must have been a funny experience.

After all, being in Malaysia, passersby will definitely be staring and pointing at them. But it’s not my first time seeing such a thing. Last year in November, when I was on holiday to South Korea, I spotted a bunch of school kids – probably 15 or 16 years old – standing in the middle of a street market in Seoul city with cardboard signs saying, “Free Hugs for All.” I wondered why they didn’t write them in Korean language. Haha. I even took a picture of one girl as proof, OK. (But I think I lost the picture. xD)

Is there such a thing as FREE HUGS? Can hugs ever be FREE?

Ahahaha, forgive me – if you think I’m talking crap. xD But seriously! In my opinion, hugs given by strangers can never be as effective as hugs given by people who really know and understand you. Even if it’s just for fun, hugging strangers can never be as fun as hugging people you really love. Isn’t it true? Hugs will lose its uniqueness if it is simply given out by anybody to anyone! I bet even Justine will agree with me. Haha. But I’ll be quite delighted to join you guys if there’s a “next time”. It must be rather interesting to see people’s reactions and watch how passersby respond to the “Free Hugs” sign. Maybe next time we should think of a “catchier” name, though. =D

- Argh, I’m still sorting the pictures. -

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