Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Rose Thief

*Whoop* I’m back! Man, it has only been one week since I last updated, but it seemed like ages, didn’t it? One week ago, the average number of people visiting my blog per day was about 40 plus. And now one week later, the average number has dropped to only 25! Haha. Everyone’s been asking why I stopped blogging temporarily, and I simply answered: “Grounded again lar…” xD

Aha! Not to forget, the main purpose of this post is to explain why I changed my skin (no, my blog skin/banner/whatever-you-call-it) and to explain how this beautiful picture came about. Man, it’s only been one week, but I’ve accumulated more than 400 pictures already! I know, so now I’m thinking of a way to post my pictures. You mustn’t miss out any of it! It’s a wonder, really. Each picture is an exquisite and stunning work of art. J

As for the banner up there, it took me some time to arrange it in a certain position and find the right angle for the camera. And I finally knew how to adjust the shutter speed to get the perfect lighting and make the background appear white. I barely needed to edit it! “Chun” cameras like mine work such wonders doesn’t it? ^^ I was squealing with delight when I examined my work of art. =P

And I’m sure you’d be wondering where I got the roses and how come I thought of something like that. Ahaha. Well, don’t worry. The roses weren’t mine, actually. Phew. :P That’s why I entitled this post, “The Rose Thief”. I thought the roses were beautiful and rather rare, so I stole it from I-won’t-tell-you-who, and snapped some really nice shots of it in various positions. Splendid pictures, I took.

I was kinda’ tired of the previous banner, so yeah, I came up with this new one. And by the way, my new blog title fits it perfectly doesn’t it? It just popped up in my head when I was thinking of a title to name my gorgeous work of art. =D I love it, I love it, and I love it!

“Love Paid the Price.” The simplest verse to go with it is John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.” ;)

For now, I will delay the posting of the other pictures because I’ll have to plan how am I to post it when I have so many pictures I so badly want to post! Ahaha. Meanwhile, I think I’ll post at least a few pictures before my next “article” la, OK? Just to satisfy your excitement. =P

- I love Jesus. Yes I do -

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ayesha said...

Janielle! I am head over heels for that new skin of yours! It looks absolutely enchanting, and the title fits as well.
Just a few lines. Tee hee. I'll be dropping by you Flickr soon!
God bless you!


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