Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This will be a short “report” on yesterday’s Cookarama competition between the Expedition, Adventure Boys, Adventure Girls, and Discovery Rangers.

Man, I tell you, it was tough like crazy weih! Even Zech said that this was one of the toughest Cookaramas he’d been through. We had to build our own fire and cook both Asian appetizer and Western main course dishes. The hard part was that we didn’t even know what we were going to cook that day! All of us were given only 15 minutes to plan what we wanted to cook with the secret ingredients the commanders gave us on that very day. I think I’ll sum it up by naming the Heroes - or rather, Heroines - in our Adventure Girls outpost. =P

The Heroes who prepared the raw ingredients which were awfully beastly (I wonder who ADORED the garlic and onions? OK, that was a bit absurd. xD):

Amanda - she’s one of the real heroes weih! Amanda helped clean up the tables and literally, everything. It was a HORRIBLE mess, mind you… H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!
Amanda J.
Zoe Lim - she helped cooked the meatballs, too. =D
Shaina – I accidentally took “revenge” on her. =P

The Heroes who build and started the fire and had to endure all the smoke and foul air so that we could cook (they cried, and I cried with them. ;P):

Adrienne - our hero who started the fire! Thank God so much for her. =D
Deborah – the girl who cried a lot. =P
Abigail Chung

The four main cooks:

Nicole – Actually, she didn’t really cook. Ahaha. But hey, how can you expect a 12 year old to know how to cook a BLACK CHICKEN?!!
Anusha – Our life saver! She brought the proper type of firewood. =)
Abigail J.
Sayfryil - She mustered up enough courage to cook the “cursed” black chicken (Haha, kidding). Yeah, you need courage, seriously. =P

The three Heroes who guided us through, but seemed to be as flustered as we were:

Cmdr Rosanne
Cmdr Esther
Cmdr Jackie

And finally, the Chief Cook (she didn’t cook much though.):

Janielle Beh – I think she was kinda’ bossy being Chief Cook. She was ordering everyone around. But not to blame, really. Because without all her orders, I don’t think they’d get anywhere at all. But still, all of them contributed their fair part and I’m glad they managed everything in time. Phew, what a tough call it was!

And it was thoroughly AMAZING when we all gathered together to present our dishes. Really, it was incredible that we managed to cook ALL THAT and make it look so good. But if the judges actually saw HOW we cooked the food they were gonna’ taste, they’d faint instantaneously! And remember, we were cooking with fire and wood, OK. Gah… I can’t bear to think. xD

All glory to God. I hope no one had food poisoning. We were quite unclean - both the food and us. *Laughs*

- The End -

I’m going Genting in an hour now. Whoopee! I’m just glad to be not at home. =D Argh, but there’s one problem, I haven’t finished my English test. You know what?

Unfortunately now, I realize that my WORST SUBJECT is not Maths. BUT… it’s ENGLISH!!!

I know, you’d think I’ve gone nuts. But really, I have. It’s so shockingly hard, I tell you. I don’t know what else to say. If I’m having a problem with English, I must be quite doomed already. But no, I’m not exactly learning English. I’m learning the etymologies of English! Can you believe it? But do forgive me; you must be quite puzzled reading this. Hence, I shall not tell you more. =) Heh.

- Have a nice, gloomy day. I’ll be back. ;) -

Here's some pictures I took on Saturday with Shannon. We noticed the window outside the 2nd hall. The sky was really weird that day. =P

Yeah, in actual fact, I posted 3 posts in this one post. Ahaha. I just wanna clear up everything la. Okie then, see you soon. Jesus bless! =D

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