Sunday, September 9, 2007

GRC Rally (7th September 2007)

Hey there, peeps! =D

Firstly, I just wanna’ be DONE with the pictures. Ahahaha. =P Wee Yen took my camera from the very moment I arrived, so quite a lot of the pictures are taken by him and Sam, too. (Credits to them this time… Hehe.) But hey, I took quite a lot also, OK. So that makes it much more than “a lot”. Haha. The rally was good, I’d say. It’s GRC’s first rally, and all the glory to God that it went well. The performances by the USJ people were really ENTERTAINING weih! ;) Ahahaha. If I can, I’ll post up the video of the hilarious dance by Darren and Justine. And not to forget the extremely “chun” dance which lasted for a very long time, which definitely needed a lot of hard work and practice.

Here are the shots we took from the beginning to the end. =) Have fun copying and saving the pictures, all of you who have been asking for my blog link. Ahahaha. I think my camera has the most shots. =D

I did NOT take this, OK. AHAHAHA.

Me, Wee Yen, and Roberts. I think Naeden was fiddling with the camera this time...

The two emcees: Jacqueline (I think this is the wrong spelling. But I'm spelling it the "traditional" way I guess... =P) and Dexter!

Praise and Worship lead by Justin and his team.

Brandon (related to Brenda =P)

Grace playing piano
Sir Darren =)

Haha, I'm not sure whether they are posing or not. But I should think not... I like this shot very much, though. =D And black and white fits it.

Sophina and her friend. Haha.

oezayy, Sarah Yong, and Chanelle =D

Getting my free t-shirt. You think so easy ah?
Must make a fool out of youself on stage in front of everyone first, you know...

Because some nutty people forced me to go out without telling me that I had to do "all that". Ahaha. But still, its a good thing I went out. Yipee yay! I've got a free t-shirt! ;)

Joni with a seriously "chun" camera. Better than mine weih. *Sighs... Looks at it longingly...* =)

A chance for Justin to "show off" a bit. =P

I loved this dance! It was superbly hilarious. Great idea.

The Punching look.
The Victorious look. =)

The Greatest Love of All. A skit by the Klang GRC-ians. It was pretty funny, really.

David Poh, the speaker.

Ahah! I see Charity!

Those who stood up for altar call.

Yeah, that's me. =) Using Wee Yen's camera. Ahaha.

Uncle Kevin and those at the altar call.

The first girl in the picture is Miriam. =)

Fel and Emma - the counsellors.

Grace Goh

Darren and Naeden
Fuiyoh, Bernice playing bass! =D

Sorry la its blur... It was really dark that time. And by the way, I didn't take this picture. =P

You see the tallest guy in this picture? I thought he looked so much like Jason!! At first I was wondering why in the world Jason Pang would come for this GRC rally... AHAHA. xD

Sam with Wee Yen's camera. I was surprised that he didn't bring his.

My gosh, look at the cheeky face!

Dawn and Brenda

Zoe Lim =)

Zoe Ng and I
Charity, Sonia, Me, and Miriam

Rebecca and I
The three monkeys. =P Haha.

Sarah Yong, me, and Zoe

Zoe and Sam
Group picture of all the GRC kids who helped make this rally successful.

Alicia, Ai Theeng, and I
Sherwyn, Me, Alicia, and Ai Theeng
Dawn is in the picture.
Tammy whammy's in the picture! =P

Brenda and I
Me and Gracie (Aduh, what's wrong with my mouth?)

Sammyo came along, too. She followed her cousin, Joshua.

Klang GRC-ians! Renee, me, and Rebekah.

Wee Yen and I

And guess what?!! I "won" a FREE T-SHIRT!! Whoopee! Haha. Good thing I didn't buy the shirt when Chanelle asked me to. =) Teehee. Okie then, that's all. I'm DONE for now. Will post up a short "report" on Cookarama later. Going packing stuff. Tata. =D

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