Friday, September 7, 2007

152 Hours (Badly Important)

A hundred and fifty-two hours…

152 hours till the day Janielle Beh was born 14 long years ago.

That’s for you to count. =D

Fortunately for you, I haven’t got any Birthday “Wish List”. I think it’s so horrible, really. Everyone seems to have such a maddening long list of stuff (usually maddeningly expensive) that they want for their birthdays. Actually, I have a lot of things that I want. But then I think again, and I realize that I don’t actually need them, even if I badly wanted them. Now that’s an awful lot of difference between the two.

If you were to ask me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I can say a lot. But of course, I figure that you can say much, much more than I do. Agree?

Another thing, I have news for you.

The Bad News:

I’m turning fourteen in a hundred and fifty-two hours. =(

The Good News:

I’m turning fourteen in a hundred and fifty-two hours. It’s my birthday! =)

AND the ultimate GOOD NEWS is:

You don’t have to buy me a present... (I expect you’ll be laughing and rolling on the floor like a maniac.)

But really, you don’t have to. I think the best birthday gift you can give me is to treat me pizza and talk to me. No, I want to talk to you. That’ll be the best gift ever. “It’s a luxury to be able to really just TALK to someone.” (Quote my dad) Yes, it is. Whoever you are, I bet I haven’t talked to you for quite some time. But birthdays are probably an occasion for you to wish someone Happy Birthday and use that as an opportunity to talk to someone.

OK, I’ll get on with the real reason I’m actually posting this.

I’m here to announce that next week I’ll be going to Genting. Whoopee!! I’m going with my family - to celebrate my birthday. AND my parents’ wedding anniversary. Actually, it had nothing to do with my birthday at all. Initially, only my parents were supposed to go, but since they’re the best parents in the world, they decided to bring me and my sisters along – so that we’ll have the chance to crash their “romantic anniversary”… (Don’t imagine)

Ahahaha. OK, never mind that. I’ll be coming back on Thursday.

Forget about my birthday now. Whoopee doo! I’m going for the rally tonight! Can’t wait to see all those people I badly do want to see. =D And I’m definitely gonna’ take loads of pictures tonight. =) Off I go for now. Have a splendid weekend. (:

- You don’t have to buy me a present -

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