Sunday, October 14, 2007

Faces, Visages

I never knew that “visage” is another word for “face.” Heh. =D This post is entitled “Faces” because it’s gonna’ be full of faces. Yesterday, I followed my dad to the Selangor #1 Silver Jubilee dinner. And I am extremely glad that I brought my camera along. (I think I sort of “inherited” the camera from my dad already lah… Woohoo! =P) Otherwise we’d all be quite bored. Ahah. Well, since there wasn’t much to take, and the food didn’t look spectacular enough to be taken (I didn’t say it didn’t taste good, OK), I resolved to take pictures of faces. It’s the first time I took so many pictures of people’s faces – including my own face la. Haha.

That’s why I think you might find this post a bit boring. Partly because we weren’t even posing in the pictures! I guess everyone thought they looked too “formal” to pose stupid poses. Hahahah. So yeah, here goes. ;)

Haha, this was Poh Leong's bolotie.

Shan, Gabby, and I

Gabby and Joyce

With Shirlynn, Evelyn, and Lilian

With Shan and Zlwin. They look too formal lar... =P

Zlwin and Rachel

Joyce and Cmdr Kevan, another shutterbug!

With Sophia and Lee Sherene

The Chung sisters. Evelyn, you're such a cutiepie! =P

Me, Lilian, Gabby, Joyce, Sarah, Shan, Shirlynn, Evelyn

Jason and Sarah!! Man, they've been missing out for a pretty looooonnng time...

Aiyoo, nearly all the shots that I tried taking of Joyce, failed. She keep closing her eye, you know! Sheesh. Hahah.

I didn't know the guy in the middle was actually related to the Chung sisters! Ahahaha, forgive me.

OK, this time she didn't close her eyes. :P Joyce and Zoe.

With Jonathan Kok

Zoe is ready to strike... a pose.

David and I

With Jessica Soo

Edwin and I (Haha, he come to kepo only. =P)

Poh Leong and I

Joyce and Edwin (I dunno why la, but I really think Joyce looked like a farm girl. Quite innocent. Funny eh?)

Matthew, Joyce, Stephen, and Bryan

With Caryn and Nicole. Hey, I didn't mean to look like that OK.

Joanna and I

Victoria and I

With Sam Ong

Sheila and I. She's from the Young Adults Fellowship cell - YAF.

The Sisters.

Melody and I

Amanda, May, Gabby, Charlene, Me, and Pamela

B&W mode, with flash.

Su Lingee!! =P

Agnes and I (Man, I haven't seen her in AGES!)

The Expedition fellas. =)

Zoe, the left handed girl.



Ivan Tan

Ivan, Zlwin, and Aaron Raj in "lala" poses.

I didn't tell you something else. Zoe is right handed larr...

Sis. Kim and I

My dear Shanny

Eh? I dunno what's the meaning behind this pose. Hahaha. xD Rachel, Su Ling, and Caleb

Natalie and I. She's from YAF also.

That's about it. I bet everyone's gonna come and grab photos from my blog again... Hahaha.

I know. You’re tired of seeing the same face over and over again, right? I told you, faces can be so boring sometimes. That’s why I have resolved to dedicate my time to take the more unique and extraordinary pictures. (But of course, I don’t mean to say that I myself look ordinary la…)

Quote of the day:

“YOU are the sum total of your MEMORIES.” – John Beh

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