Saturday, October 13, 2007

Believable Nightmares

Some nightmares are quite unbelievable, really. My sister Jirene told me that she dreamed of a “white-faced” lady – like in the Geisha movie – who tapped her on the back, and kidnapped her in a jiffy. See, it doesn’t even sound logical, does it? Shortly afterwards, the scene changes, and a bunch of live zombies appear. Jirene enthusiastically gesticulated and told me how our whole family warded off the zombies by means of a powerful water gun.

I chuckled and then stared at her blankly, saying, “Aiyoo, you watch too much cartoons laa!”

Believe me, dreams such as these are just too unbelievable. Even whilst you are dreaming, you can tell by judging the absurdness of the circumstances that you are only dreaming – that is IF you are sane enough to judge. Unlike Jirene, who was too busy attacking zombies to think that she was actually dreaming. But there are some dreams that are quite believable. Such as the one I’m going to tell you now.

The Believable Nightmare (dreamed on the 10th of October 2007):

I was at the beach with some very unexpected people. We were picnicking and performing some yoga moves together. (Uh okay… Since WHEN did I learn yoga?) It suddenly occurred to me that the sea was so beautiful. The sun shone brilliantly above it, causing the sea to look like dazzling diamonds. As usual, the first thing that came to my mind was, get the camera!

Miraculously, the camera materializes in my hand and, squealing with delight, I run towards the sea to get a better view. Suddenly, someone calls me, and for a while, the camera is forgotten.

A moment later, the person asked me, “Janielle, where’s your camera?” (This is what my mother would usually ask me, as if she knows I had misplaced it. Its scary you know…)

I let out a frightful gasp and run towards the shoreline. Almost close to being washed over by the rippling waves, I see a black speck that looked like my camera. I rush to it only to find that it is the camera bag/pouch, and not the camera itself! Do you know how awful I felt?

Suddenly, the scene changes, and I see a black object in the distance – which resembled a camera half buried in the sand – with sea water already washing over it. I let out a cry of dismay, and hurry to rescue it. Suddenly out of nowhere, a wave crashes over me – I shout “NOOOO!!” – and that was the end of me.

No, no, no. It can’t be! I mutter in my sleep.

And then I woke up. Do you know what I said when I got back to my senses and realized it was all only a stupid dream? (Though it was rather believable, considering how forgetful I can be…)

“Oh, thank you God! Thank you Lord; it’s only a dream!” I said in relief.

You wouldn’t understand how grateful to God I was that it was only a nightmare. xD

The very thought of it makes me shudder…

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choongkeat said...

Its still unbelievable though...
haha... funny dream u had...
Its funny that how dreams can control our emotion.. LOL

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