Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Footprints in My Heart
My dad once said, “Life is made up of memories.”

That includes good and bad memories. Your memories of the past will most probably make up what you are today. It’s extremely important that we leave good memories in the life of others. In everything you do, make a good impression out of it. When you meet someone who hasn’t met you before, how do you give an impression of yourself? If you were grumpy and in a bad mood, the person would probably remember you as “an ill-mannered and unfriendly person” for the rest of his or her life. It’s all in our memories of each other.

Each time I meet someone, I tell myself that I will leave “footprints” in the heart of this person. What difference do you make in the lives of the people you know? Do you stand out enough to leave positive memories of yourself in their lives?

Of course, no one can keep a smiling and ever-cheerful face all the time. But still, first, and even last impressions are very vital. Remember the recent Nurin case that we all know and grieve about? Imagine what shock the parents and all the relatives must have! The parents refused to believe it was their daughter because the truth was too haunting and sickening to behold. They obviously couldn’t recognize her because after all the pain and suffering she went through, how could she possibly look the same? How could she still have the same cheery and child-like face?

My dad was telling me that the relatives didn’t necessarily have to help identify the girl’s dead body. Imagine! That will be their final impression of the poor girl. All their lives the memory of her dead and lifeless body will be impressed upon their minds. It’s scary, you know… Of course, memories of “happier days” will still be at a corner of their minds, but the last time they actually saw her was when she was frozen and dull. Which memory do you think would stick to them more? And it’s not as if she looked in a very peaceful state. All the innocence would have been drained out of her face. No more sweetness, no more smiles.

Memories are what we keep with us for the rest of our lives. Some memories will fade away, but most will stay. And I’m not talking about what memories you have of other people, you know. I’m talking about what memories YOU impress in the lives of others. Ultimately, only YOU can determine what memories you want to leave in the hearts of your friends, your loved ones, and all those around you. And do make sure they’re worth remembering.

- I want to leave footprints in your heart. But are you gonna’ leave some in mine? ;) -

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shina said...

hello.. Shi Na here.. from Joan's cell group.. i like ur post.. good one..

p/s: we've got a blog noe.. hehe.. come visit yea.. (

p/ss: u coming to our pd trip? hehe.. it'll be fun..

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