Thursday, October 4, 2007

Missed the Moment

6 pm – I look out the window and notice that the sun is beginning to sink. Seeing how brilliant it is, I can sort of “predict” that there’ll be a beautiful sunset in about half an hour’s time.

6:15 pm – The sun isn’t close to setting yet. I decide to go and take a bath first.

6.30 pm – After my bath, I look out the window and yell, “Aaahh, I missed it!” I see that the sun has already set! Haih. But my “prediction” proved to be true. Even though the sun has already gone into hiding, it has left “traces” of a brilliant sunset. The sky is a gorgeous pink and the bits of clouds are illuminated by sun’s warm glow. Unfortunately, I had just missed the “spectacular moment”.

The camera is meant to “capture the moment”, and the photographer is supposed to capture the “essence” of the moment.

A photo loses its value when it relies too much on editing to make it beautiful.

Don’t you think so? Of course, photoshop is really helpful and effective. But in my opinion, a photograph is only purely unique when it stays the way it is and yet, still looks as if its been edited. ;) At least that’s what all the professionals say… =P Really, you go read all the photography magazines! Hahaha.

God blesscha.

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