Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mr. Spider & the Unknown Creature

When I first saw the big humongous creature, I shrieked and screamed. But then I told myself, No, I must catch it and take a shot of it. Well, in the end, my dad caught it for me. Haha. But as I was trying to take some very close up shots of the insect, I found myself starting to ADMIRE it. Really!! It started to look quite fascinating and not disgusting and scary anymore… I wish I knew what insect was it. (Maybe Chris would be so kind to help me identify these creatures... Ahahahaha!) It was quite fun observing it in the jar. I spent nearly two hours
just admiring it and snapping photos of it. In the end, I chose all the nice shots to post here. Enjoy!

I find this spider particularly extraordinary. Beautiful creature, it is.

Crouching spider, hidden photographer

It's underbody fascinates me. Look at the sockets for the legs! Oh nevermind, I just don't know how to describe it.

It seems to have two large "pincers" (I forgot what is the proper name for it. Haha, where's Chris? xD) and four smaller ones. How intriguing.

It was clinging upside down.

In the end, I let it go. It would be such a pity for such a beautiful thing to die in an empty peanut butter jar. =)

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