Saturday, November 17, 2007

Blood Sisters

Sometimes I take my sisters for granted. Yes, I always ignore them. I yell at them as much as my mother yells at me. Or maybe not. But don’t blame me, cause’ how can I not be tired of my pesky siblings when I actually study with them EVERYDAY???

But then again, without my sisters, I don’t know what life will be. Not that I’ll miss them or anything okay… It’s just that I’ll miss out a lot more in life. Hahaha. I used to think that I’ll be better off if I were the only child in the family. But as I grow up and think a bit more, I realize that it’s better to have someone to make noise and fight and squabble with than to be alone all your life. Of course, you can make good friends who can be like a brother or sister to you, but no friend can ever replace a real blood brother or sister.

My sisters see everything of me. They can blackmail me whenever they turn into an evil villain. But of course, I can threaten them in return and say, “If you tell anyone I did that, I’ll tell your best friend you did the same stupid thing!” And of course, they’ll back off and give me a “darn it, I should have thought better than to say that” look. But we help each other also la… That’s when we cover up for each other to get out of trouble! Yes, we’ve accumulated stupid little secrets over the years, but after time, we forget about them and move on.

It beats me to think that Janna and Jirene are actually my SISTERS – my real, blood sisters. Oh my, I’ll never be able to run away from them! (Okay, that sounds a bit depressing…) But on the other hand, I suppose they can’t run away from ME, either. Hahaha.

Since I see Janna and Jirene everyday, it’s no wonder that sometimes I forget that they are really my sisters, and not just some extra pet living in the house. But no, don’t get me wrong. They don’t even act like pets. They behave more like little monsters sometimes! I sigh every time someone says my sisters are so quiet and cute. Shudders.

Yes, maybe Jirene is cute, but I’ll never accept that she’s quiet and all nice. No, no, no. Unfortunately, I can’t say anymore. If my sisters find out I talked bad about them, they’ll do the same thing to me. And please, if they do actually find out, be prepared to hear that I’m actually not such a very nice person all the time also. Which is partly true la, obviously. Eheh. =)

But since they’re my real sisters, there’s always pay back time of course…

Sisters in crime. "Stealing" tangerines from an orchard in Korea.

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