Sunday, November 18, 2007

3 Girls, 1 Guy

Haha, you must be wondering what’s up with the funny title. Well, titles are usually what makes people curious to read your posts. You judge a book first by its title. Not always by its cover or the way it looks. Interesting titles draw people to read your posts. Okay okay, let me not stray away from what I want to write about.

Today I went to Berjaya Timesquare for hi tea at the Big Apple restaurant. But why, you wonder? Well simply because it was FREE! Yeah, I’ll go wherever there’s an opportunity to eat – good food only la, of course. :P Now when I think back, I sort of wish I stuffed myself more. xD It’s always like that, isn’t it?

But the thing I enjoyed most was the crisp buttered waffle topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and drizzled over with oodles of maple syrup and chocolate sauce. Mmm, yummylicious… It’s the way I describe it, right? Can you imagined if I said: I liked the crispy pancake with a blob of plain ice cream on it – and I squirted sweet syrup on it, also. Gah, that ain’t soundin’ tempting at all!

And, I managed to watch The Bee Movie, too. Oh of all movies! I guess The Bee Movie wasn’t exactly worth it to watch in the cinema lor… I wanted to watch Stardust, but since the timing was a bit out of the way, we decided to watch the Bee Movie instead. But I felt it was wayyy tooo looooong lah.

After saying all that, you must be thinking, “Eh Janielle, you still haven’t explained the title!”

Oh, yes – right, I forgot. Well, I today actually went out with Zoe, Tammy, and Zech. So that sums up 3 girls, and 1 guy laa. Ahahaha. :P

It was a nice day. =) So till the next time, the next movie I’d like to watch would be The Golden Compass. =D

Have a nice day, folks! God blesscha’. ;)

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