Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I fear if one day I go blind…

I won’t be able…


Yes, you got that right. I’ve thought of it before. It’s just too terrible. But really, that was the first thing that came to my mind when the question popped up. I didn’t think, if I go blind, I wouldn’t be able to watch TV or play DotA or play hide and seek or practice piano or go diving or take pictures (oh my goodness, why didn’t I think of that?!) or… No, I didn’t think any of that.

It’s a bit frightening isn’t it? But WHAT IF? Okay okay, that’s not my point, actually. Haha. :P The “what-if-I-go-blind-one-day” question was just a random thought. If I continue writing about it, I’m positive I’ll go mad. You would, too. So the lesson learned is: Let’s not ask too many “what if…?” questions. There’s so much to live for in life. Let’s not be imprisoned in our thoughts about what MIGHT happen in the future. Do what you can, NOW. Okay, um, that was not what I intended to write about, either. xD

I intended to write about this surprisingly interesting book – The City of Ember. Amanda Yip, another avid bookworm and writer, lent it to me along with its sequel, The People of Sparks. Amanda’s actually writing her second book now, a sequel to her first book, The Lily Island. Oh how I wish. What an accomplishment!

The City of Ember is a debut novel by American writer, Jeanne DuPrau. I’ve come across it before, but never came about to reading it. Now that I have, I do not regret. It’s nice – very engrossing. But I’m just a bit disappointed that it ended all too soon. I actually finished the whole book in about 4 hours. I couldn’t stop reading. It’s fiction, but yet, it felt real, and possible.

Sometimes I find it amazing how some people like writing fantasy/adventure/mystery/spy books, while some other enjoy writing love novels and what I call, ‘girly books’. Talking about ‘girly books’, I just don’t get it why most of them are either pink or purple in color! So drab and boring. Haha, kidding. Ok, that’s maybe why I’ve dubbed them as, ‘girly’. Zlwin would be unhappy, though. Ahahaha.

I find it funny how some people prefer horror stories rather than a-happy-ever-after fairytale. And there are also those who devote themselves to writing down important events of the century (what do you call them again? Ah yes, historians.) There are all sorts of funny people. All with different personalities and interests. One person’s treasure might be another person’s junk. One man’s delicacy may be another man’s poison. We’re just all so different. And that’s precisely how the world fits.

God is so amazing. I find it all so incomprehensible!

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Gemini Warrior said...

Hello. Hey, about the 'Amanda Yip' book, The Lily Island, there's a sequel for it? I have the book and I like it!! I thought the writer didn't wanted to write anymore books. I bought the book, The Lily Island, through my school, SJK (C) Yuk Chai, in 2008 for a charity fund. When will the book come out? I really want the second book if available. I couldn't really find Amanda Yip nor her book at Google search, then I found your blog.

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