Thursday, November 29, 2007

Do Something More

These few days staying over at my cousin’s house, I feel suddenly so grateful for having my sisters around. Sometimes certain things must happen to make you understand why God placed you where you are now. I thank God so much that there’s so much to live for in life. A lot of people don’t find a reason to live anymore. I wouldn’t blame them, considering their pitiful circumstances.

I feel so blessed that God has blessed me with so much. But what am I gonna’ do about it?

Certainly, I feel I want to do something about it! All around us, so many lives are crumbling – going down, down, down. I can’t just sit here and gape. It’s so hard for me to do something, you know, considering that I don’t go to normal school. I don’t have as much opportunity to witness – to do something more. But I believe there’s a purpose for everything placed where they are under the sun – in God’s perfect plan.

I keep reminding myself that God didn’t bless me with so much just for my own benefit – but also for the benefit of others. My dad always tells me and my sisters to count our blessings and name them one by one. How many can you think of?

It’s such an abundance until it’s countless, isn’t it? God blessed you with the gift of speech. Bless others with your words. Bless others with what you write, be it in your blog or the scribbles on your school desk. Bless others with the talents God blessed you with.

“Every good action and every perfect gift is from God. These good gifts come down from the Creator of the sun, moon, and stars, who does not change like their shifting shadows.” – James 1:17 (NCV)

C’mon people, you’re not where you are for nothin’. There’s something more if you search your heart for it, if you seek God to know your heart. Do something more.

Dear God, bless me this day so that I can bless all those around me with what You have blessed me with.

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